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Target Tounament Organiser

Cumbria County Archery Association is looking to appoint a new target Tournament Organiser from one of the County Clubs,  as Chris is standing down from this office at the end of this year. To put it in a nutshell the Tournament Organiser is responsible for organising and running the Counties tournaments. You need to be someone who has great organisational skills, pre-planning a year in advance, booking venues and judges etc. You need to get all the info published in all the right places at the right time. You need to have an understanding of marking the field out to World Record Status standards and how to run the tournaments, tot up the scores and present the prizes at the end, whilst having already organised a field party to deliver, set up, set down and collect all the necessary equipment from the club you have asked to hire it from. You also have responsibility for publishing results in a timely manner and sending away for any awards claimed as a result of the shoot. You will need to be able to give up the necessary time to carry out all the relevant responsibilities no matter what. You would also be required to attend the CCAA committee meetings and present an annual report. You don’t need to be a judge to be a tournament organiser!

Chris has built up the Counties reputation and success for putting on tournaments to a very high standard and we need someone who will continue to fly the flag for the CCAA with the same passion and commitment.

If you are interested please can you send an email to Stuart Burnett on stu_and_chrissey@yahoo.com  You are not committing yourself to anything at this stage. We just want to find people who are interested and then we can tell you all more and see if its something you could take on. You would ultimately be nominated for the office and the successful person will be voted into office at the CCAA AGM at the beginning of the new year.